Docks removed

Historically we have volunteers do this work, however, Luis will oversee the removal with some very capable resources. However, come and socialize dockside if you have the time.

U.S. Sailboat Show, Annapolis MD

October 17-18 U.S. Sailboat Show, Annapolis MD Fleet Captain Mark Gruber and First Mate PC Sharon will be heading to this show. Anyone interested in joining them should reach out to VC Mark Gruber

Adult Only Halloween Party

Every year (except 2020 Covid) the GSYC has a Halloween Party second to none. Thanks to the efforts of a certain few the clubhouse is transformed into a magical and even scary place that is unrecognizable. Believe it or not this preparation takes months and before all that effort is invested we want to make […]

Yute Halloween Party

With the room already completely decorated it was suggested we have a Yute club party during the following day (Sunday). This was well received and will be planned. Stay Tuned for more information. Food, Music, and enough Treats to rot your teeth. Fortunately, we have a dentist in the club.

A Forever Motown Holiday Celebration at MPAC

Host(s) Howard & Susie Bruch email or call This event was scheduled more than a year ago and got postponed several times because of Covid. Most people already have their tickets. Recognizing things change over time, please reach out to the hosts and confirm your interests. All of your favorite Motown hits and holiday favorites […]

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